Serenzo ® DUO-x

Conventional multi-layer wood flooring

  • Extra-strong top layer of up to 6mm thickness
  • 2,5 to 3,5 mm top layer
  • Dimensionally stable back layer made of 11 layers of birch plywood
  • Back layer made of soft, less stable, pinewood
  • DUO-x wood originates exclusively from sustainable forestry operations and is FSC certified. Further information under
  • Mostly cheap, bottom range products. Often Asian production from illegal forestry operations and exotic wood species
  • Total thickness of 20mm suitable to be fitted by either screwing/nailing onto joists, by gluing down or floating.
  • Nearly impossible to lay directly onto joists and therefore requiring an expensive subfloor
  • Formaldehyde-free (E1), cold bonding results in more dimensional stability and an emission- free floor
  • Mostly heat-bond with cheap urea glue. The heat is responsible for tensions in the wood and this can eventually result in distortion
  • Traditional tongue and groove connection proven for centuries
  • New “Click”- profile making creaking noises more likely
  • 7 mm tongue increases the strength and thus the bonding between individual planks for maximum stability
  • 4-5mm thick tongue
  • Dozens of high quality factory surfaces
  • Mostly only available in lacquered and oiled sanded surface

Choose among dozens of different high-quality finishes, from antique looking surfaces to the most modern colours. Please contact your floor specialist for further details and advice.

Serenzo ® stands for quality.
All raw material for Serenzo ® floors is carefully selected and originates exclusively from sustainable forestry operations. We make a point in not using any cheap “grey import” material. Thus Serenzo ® is FSC certified.