Serenzo® solid planks


Durable und stylish - Serenzo ® floors are solid, the way floors have been made for centuries.

They are available in different finishes: either sanded or brushed or aged in laborious handwork and that way the planks obtain the charm of an aged wooden floor. You can have them lacquered or oiled either in a natural or colour tone. You can choose between oak, ash, cherry or walnut. Our range is so comprehensive that you certainly get the floor with the unique look, feel and finish you want.

To underline the traditional character of the style the floors have been made, it is by standard 4 side beveled.

The floor can be installed in an irregular free pattern or in mixed widths. Serenzo ® solid planks are usually screwed on with Serenzo ® screws on the wooden under-floor or glued down on underfloor concrete slabs or installation plates - laying methods that any experienced do-it-yourselfer can manage with the laying instruction at hand. We recommend, however, to have the installation made by an expert.

Serenzo Oak Country Classico fumo olio

Serenzo Ash Country Epoca 1900 fuoco olio

Advantages of Serenzo ® solid wooden planks

  • Outstanding durability
  •  A floor fit for generations also because of its timeless appeal
  • An oil-finished floor is breathable, easy to maintain, positively effects the climate of the room and creates a warm atmosphere
  • Due to the thickness (20 mm) and the firm connection with the underfloor, you will not have  a hollow sound and hardly any foot fall or knocking sound
  • It is a product ready to use, because surface treated, no bothersome sanding, lacquering or oiling required
  • The floor can be renovated easily and several times  - re-sanding, re-oiling or re-lacquering can be done easily with no risk of removing too much of the wear layer
  • Reaction to fire: poorly inflammable and low smoke emission