Environmental Protection


We from Serenzo® do not only reflect on our environment, but live environmental protection actively. For our products we do not use tropical or endangered woods, but only wood from sustainable forestry. Therefore Serenzo® has been certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC®).


Unlike other manufacturers who buy cheap material from China or Southeast Asia which they sell as "quality parquet" in Europe, we produce all our Serenzo® products in our own mills. Our processing standards match the highest in this business.


Many products are advertised as being of wood from "sustainable forestry". Facts are quite different - please, click on the corresponding line below<:


Stolen Forests

Deforestation in the Russian Taiga

Illegal Logging in Asia, Africa and South America


Especially Asian manufacturers push their cheap products on the markets. They do not respect environmental standards or labour protection, they use stolen wood or wood from ruthless exploitation and therefore can offer their products at low prices. When you decide for Serenzo®, you contribute to environmental protection.


Here you find our FSC® certification. (Please, just insert "Serenzo" in the search field.)



Ban Illegal Timber


Australia Moves to Ban Illegal Timber 

On Dec. 9 the Australian government announced it introduced legislation restricting the importation and sale of illegally logged timber. "Under the legislation, importers will now ...