Lacquer or Oil


The question whether to decide for a lacquered or an oiled floor is likely to be the most asked in the parquet business. Oils have been in use for a very long time already. They are of pleasant, natural and dirt-repellent qualities. They deeply penetrate into the wood thus impregnating it. So you still feel wood. Cleaning is made with the help of soaps and oils which keep greasing and practically enable unlimited durability. Initial care is of utmost importance, it should be carried out most carefully and intensively. After 1-2 treatments the need and extent of care reduces considerably.


In contrast lacquers generate a protective film on the wood. You feel a cool, smooth surface when touching the floor. Especially in the beginning lacquered floors hardly need any care. When the surface is worn out, however, the floor has to be re-sanded and a new layer of lacquer has to be applied.


So especially for aged floors and specific colours we recommend to take it in the oiled version.





  • Deeply penetrates into the wood
  • Creates a superficial protective film of synthetic resin; risk of being scratched

  • Pleasant natural feeling in touch
  • Cool, smooth surface
  • Needs more care, especially in the beginning
  • Needs less care
  • Easy renovation
  • Complexer renovation