With its warmth, richness and natural beauty this natural product has a charming character, which becomes most evident in private houses and apartments.

Wood is not an instant product that can be scientifically categorized, and it cannot be replaced by any other material.

At  Serenzo we  make a point, that you can enjoy the ineffable atmosphere of a wood floor for a long time.

For this reason we advise you to read the maintenance instructions carefully. You will find useful tips and hints for proper maintenance of your hardwood floor.


Only use WOCA wood maintenance products for your Serenzo® floors, as they are specifically developed for  these floors. Other products can soon dull the colours tremendously because they are not protecting the wood from within.

The regular maintenance is done with a vacuum cleaner. Take care that you use brush attachments that are appropriate for wood floors.

Damp mop the floor with WOCA Natural Soap added to the water. Dose: approx. one small cup (125 ml) for 10 l of water.

Take care that you do not use too much water, a damp mop is sufficient. The soap solvent, by the way, is also suitable for stone and cotto floor tiles.

Felt Pads

Place high-quality felt pads under chair legs or movable furniture to avoid scratches in the wood floor or on the surface finish.


No Microfibre

Never use a microfibre wipe to clean your natural wood floor. These are only suitable for cleaning plastic and glass surfaces, as microfibre can leave ultra fine cuts in the surface.


Underfloor Heating

Please note that wood floors can only be laid on screeds that have been correctly dried and preheated.  Request a heating record from your installer and make sure, that the underfloor heating cannot exceed the  maximum flow temperature of 28° C according to the norm.


Air humidifier

In the colder months the room climate can get relatively dry, especially in rooms heated with radiators. For the sake of your Serenzo® floor and your health, the relative air humidity should be a minimum of 40 %. Install air humidifiers, if this value is not met. You can find more on this topic here.

Serenzo Wood Floor Maintenance
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