Environmental Protection

 August 21, 2008


Wooden floors - a positive ecological assessment

In 2003 the technical university of Munich published a comprehensive ecological assessment of wooden floors, based on an average lifecycle of 50 years.  They conclude, that when we use wooden floors instead of other floor coverings, we protect our environment.

People love to walk or jog in forests, because of the surroundings and trees giving shade. Trees are also known to clean the atmosphere. This is due to the fact that trees - while growing - are able to extract the global warming gas carbon dioxide in great quantities from the air. One cubic metre of wood e.g. resorbs more than a ton of CO” to store it as organic carbon. This carbon remains in the wood, even if it is used as material for further manufactures, as e.g. wooden floors. Thus every square meter of wooden floor helps to reduce the greenhouse effect and its consequences.
In using wood it is essential that we treat the forests with care. This is what is considered the principle of sustainability which means that we are not harvesting more wood than is growing. Presently, we are  seeing an expansion of the forest areas in Europe. The wood floor industry covers its demand for the manufacturing of real wooden floors from sustainable forestry. Moreover, it uses mainly wood that results from thinning out the forests. This way the forests remain vital and the ecological balance is being kept, because young trees receive more light and grow faster. They keep cleaning the air while wood products like wooden floors store the carbon durably.
Further advantages: For the processing and disposing of wood far less energy is required than for other material, e.g.synthetics. A wooden floor has a long life time and you have the possibility to renovate it. It can be treated with organic oil or environmentally safe lacquer. If after decades of use the floor has to be disposed of, the ecological cycle  gets closed again.  It can then be used e.g. for generating power or it can be recycled and processed into chipboards. Choosing a wooden floor means opting for a natural and environmentally sound flooring.