Serenzo Satinato Planks

Maintenance of Serenzo®  Satinato  Planks

Serenzo® Satinato planks are pre-finished with a special hardwax oil based on natural waxes and scentless organic solvents. The Serenzo®  hardwax oil combines the natural effects of wax with the durability, protection and the easy care of lacquer.

As Serenzo®  Satinato  planks are not maintained with oils, the subsequent maintenance is very simple. Just damp mop the floor with WaxCare added to the cleaning water – dose 0,1 litre for 5 litres of water. Please, take care that the floor does not get too wet to avoid the water soaking into the floor. WaxCare contains no hazardous chemical solvents and has been specially developed for the maintenance of Serenzo® Satinato planks. It is highly efficient; with one litre you can treat hundreds of square metres.

WaxCare helps to maintain the surface of your Serenzo® Satinato floor – it will not change the colour or the glossiness of the planks and it will compensate the loss of hardwax caused by natural wear. Maintenance can be done without machine or manual polishing.




Complete Renovation

Serenzo® Satinato planks can be restored from scratch without the need of sanding the wood. First clean the planks with Serenzo® WaxRemover and then damp mop the floor with clean water. This is essential to ensure the bonding of the Serenzo® ReWax which you will finally apply with the help of a cloth. Your floor will appear as if new. Please, do not step on the renovated floor for 12 hours and replace carpets only after 7 days. Renovation is simple with the added benefit that you can do it by yourself and this will help to save time and money!

Hardwax Maintenance Brochure
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