Oak Country

The Country product range is characterised by its natural appearance. The knottiness and colour variations are just as in the wood when it was growing as a tree. Whether you own a modern loft or an old manor Country is just the right embellishment for lovers of wood everywhere. Given its vivid appearance, damage at a later stage will hardly be discernible. Provided it is given proper care, your Serenzo® floor will have the appearance you always wanted it to have, even after decades. If Serenzo® has no special designation, the product is always of the Country range.

Oak Noblesse

- Noblesse is a select range for those who enjoy a quieter atmosphere but do not want to do without the naturalness of wood. Particularly in combination with period furniture, Noblesse is a perfect solution.

Oak Prima

Prima consists of select wood with no knots and only slight colour nuancing. A very calm appearance makes for a tasteful atmosphere.

Walnut Millrun

Walnut and Cherry are not graded at delivery and the wood is just as it grew when still a tree. The result is a harmonic, natural mix of knotty and knot-free boards.

These images are phototechnical reproductions and the colour can only be close to the real ones. Therefore the floor delivered may vary in colour and tone.

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